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London Ambulance Service

Jason Killens, chief executive of the UK’s Welsh Ambulance Service, discusses the complexity of response to an 800 casualty incident across four separate locations
Lessons for the incident commander gleaned from the 7/7 2005 London terrorist attack
The new ambulances, designed to be lightweight, come equipped with a powered trolley bed system and a powered carry chair for patient transport
The ambulance service is spending more than $3M on the new safety measures
Richard Webb-Stevens responded to the 2017 Westminster attack and has led improvements for people with hearing impairments working in EMS
The National Health Service England accelerates plans for all ambulance trusts to use body-worn cameras to better protect staff
The London Ambulance Service rolled out a trial program to equip providers with cameras that can be turned on when a patient becomes aggressive
The London Ambulance Service tweeted that there were no patients in the ambulance, but that endangering the crew was “unacceptable”
His visit was part of a larger campaign to encourage EMS providers to seek guidance when struggling with mental health issues
During Dr. Fiona Moore’s tenure, cardiac arrest survival rates doubled
Ambulance crews treated 26 patients after they reported breathing difficulties; two others were hospitalized
Brian Hayes had been a paramedic for 15 years and played an important role during the London Olympics
The training exercise will provide mass casualty experience for paramedics
Beckham treated a London bike paramedic and her patient to coffee and tea as they waited for an ambulance