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2 W. Va. paramedics die in ambulance crash

Paramedics Brittany Young and Douglas Ronald Dick II were killed in an ambulance crash after hitting the back of a tractor-trailer


Photo/Jan-Care Ambulance Service & General EMS

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Our thoughts are with the families and colleagues of Brittany Young and Ronald Dick II.

Duty Death: Brittany Young, Ronald Dick II

End of Service: 10/08/2019

By EMS1 Staff

NICHOLAS COUNTY, W. Va. — Police are investigating a two-vehicle accident involving an ambulance that left two paramedics dead.

According to WTAP, police responded to a crash on Saturday morning and found that a Jan-Care ambulance struck the back of a tractor-trailer parked in the right lane. Authorities do not know how long the trailer was parked there before the crash.

Paramedics Brittany Young and Douglas Ronald Dick II passed away from injuries incurred in the crash. The two people in the trailer were not injured.