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Local governments have a lot to consider when it comes to making sure their communities have access to safe and efficient emergency medical services. Whether you work in local government or you’re a concerned citizen looking for solutions, the EMS1 Local Government topic page is designed to be a resource. Learn about the metrics defining successful EMS response, how communities are managing complex staffing and funding challenges, how city leaders are reimagining mental health emergency response using EMS providers, and more.

First Responder Wellness Week was designed to provide resources, support and community to help public safety personnel better understand the mental and physical health risks that come with the job
The new ARPA Flex program allows local units of government to spend up to $10 million on newly eligible grant expenditures
Generate learning and improvement opportunities for the organization, citizens and stakeholders
Six bills focused on helping EMS in the state include proposals on tax funding, reimbursement and a tax credit for volunteers
“Because of their training, these public servants, these people, were all able to come together and coordinate their efforts to work as a team and save these boys,” the DA said
The board’s action is intended to “revolutionize the delivery of emergency medical care and transportation in most of San Bernardino County”
Officials said the Office of Emergency Medical Services is dealing with the deficit due to years of budgeting beyond available resources
“We have upped salaries. We’ve recruited. Nobody wants to do it as much as they did,” said John Smith, the director of operations at Gold Cross
Advanced Life Systems had protested Yakima County’s choicec citing AMR’s problems in other communities
Advance Life Systems is protesting the Yakima County commissioners’ selection of AMR
Among AMR’s complaints against the Sonoma County Fire District is that the district lowered the transport cost by paying EMS employees less
Ed Szafran, chief of operations for the Greater Pittston Regional Ambulance Association, called the project a once-in-a-career opportunity
The law applies to those who got sick with the virus from March 9, 2020, through June 30, 2021 and assumes they contracted it because of work
Firefighters said they have been threatened with pipes and broken mops, hit with rocks and physically obstructed from administering care or responding to a fire
The mix-up sparked a debate on best practices for responding to 911 calls when the address is in question