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The Inside EMS podcast is a must-watch or -listen for EMTs and paramedics


By EMS1 Staff

Emergency medical services (EMS) is a dynamic and ever-evolving field, making continuous learning and staying updated a necessity. The Inside EMS podcast, available as a video or audio podcast, is a valuable resource for EMTs, paramedics, medical first responders, EMS leaders, educators and anyone interested in the the ins and outs of EMS, lively conversation about clinical care updates and insights to the most important news EMS professionals need to know.

Why listen to the Inside EMS podcast?

The Inside EMS podcast dives deep into the challenges, advancements and day-to-day experiences of those in the EMS field. Each episode is crafted to the interests and needs of EMTs and paramedics, making it a must-listen for professionals seeking to enhance their knowledge and skills.

Latest Inside EMS episodes
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Key features of the Inside EMS podcast

Here are four key features of the Inside EMS podcast:

1. Expert insights. The podcast features experienced voices from the field, including seasoned EMTs, paramedics, EMS educators, paramedic chiefs and association leaders. These experts share their experiences, tips and advice, offering listeners practical knowledge that can be applied to their daily responsibilities.

2. Current topics. From discussing the latest EMS equipment to addressing mental health issues among first responders and the latest educational advances, the Inside EMS podcast covers a wide range of current and relevant topics. Inside EMS listeners are always in tune with the latest trends and issues in the EMS world.

3. Engaging format. The podcast’s format is engaging and listener-friendly, making complex topics accessible and easy to understand. Whether you’re commuting, working out or taking a break between calls, this EMT podcast is a great companion for your busy schedule.

4. Community building. Inside EMS podcast listeners are part of a larger community of professionals who are passionate about and dedicated to improving and advancing in their field. The podcast fosters a sense of belonging and shared purpose to improve the profession.

How to listen to the Inside EMS podcast

The Inside EMS podcast is available as a weekly video on You can listen to or watch episodes directly from EMS1, watch on YouTube or listen on your favorite podcast app, like Apple Podcasts, Spotify or Amazon Music.

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