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12 monstrous meals that may require the paramedics

Too much of a good thing can lead to a bad thing, like needing paramedics after attempting to eat one of these gut-busting and heart-stopping meals

By Rebecca Volent

There’s nothing like sinking your teeth into delicious, mouth-watering food.

But sometimes too much of a good thing can lead to a bad thing. Here are 12 restaurants that took it to the extreme, with their dishes so gut-busting and calorie-induced, you’ll probably need the paramedics on standby as you eat.

1. The Quadruple Bypass Burger at Heart Attack Grill - Las Vegas, Nevada

Okay, so I’m just getting this notorious restaurant out of the way because most of you have heard of it and it’s the most obvious pick for this list. They literally have a fake ambulance parked outside the restaurant, which was not at all helpful when a few of their customers, including their unofficial spokesperson, died of actual heart attacks after eating at the restaurant. For just $13.88, you too can enjoy their lard-soaked 9,982 calorie Quadruple Bypass Burger, which encompasses four half-pound patties, eight slices of American cheese, and 20 strips of bacon. But why stop there? For $8 more you can get the Octuple Bypass Burger and double your order with eight patties and 40 pieces of bacon!

2. Breakfast Blow-Out at Mario’s Cafe - Westhoughton, Bolton, UK

What started as a joke has earned a top spot on the menu of Mario’s Cafe. This ginormous 5,000 calorie breakfast can be yours at £10.95 ($12.02), but first you must sign a health disclaimer. Then, you can feast on 10 slices of toast, 10 fried eggs, 10 slices of bacon (yes, that ham is supposedly bacon), 10 sausages, and five black puddings, topped off with beans, mushrooms and tomatoes. And if you can eat it all within 20 minutes without drinking anything, it’s free. That’s right, it’s a food challenge, the Big Breakfast Challenge to be exact! Many have tried, all but one have failed.

3. Pumpple Cake at Flying Monkey Patisserie - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Do you have a sweet tooth? Why not have a slice of Pumpple Cake? Coated with vanilla buttercream frosting, its two layers are made up of pumpkin pie inside chocolate cake and apple pie inside of vanilla cake. With 1,800 calories per slice, this 15 pound turducken cake is an entire meal on its own, taking a total of three days to make!

4. The 62" Pizza at Big Lou‘s Pizza - San Antonio, Texas

Big Lou’s Pizza made their mark with their 42" pizza, which will run you around $50-100 depending on the choice of toppings (over 30 POUNDS of toppings, I might add!). Now, because apparently 42" isn’t big enough, they are offering the 62" pizza. This beast of a pizza is 5'2" in diameter and requires a reservation.

5. Full O’ Bull Platter at Cowtown Diner - Fort Worth, Texas

For $70, you can dine on four pounds of chicken fried steak, or if you want it for free, you can take on their challenge. Along with the chicken fired steak smothered in gravy, you get six pounds of mashed potatoes and 10 slices of Texas toast. Luckily, the time limit is pretty lax with this challenge. You get from 7 a.m. opening to 2 a.m. closing to take on this mammoth meal. But with it being 10,000 calories, I wouldn’t be surprised if you keeled over before then.

6. Generous Roll at Umewako Restaurant - Anjo City, Japan

If you don’t mind a little (or a lot in this case) raw fish and are willing to shell out $196, you can order yourself an 8-inch thick, 13-pound maki sushi roll appropriately named “Generous Roll”. Comprised of 24 ingredients all rolled out on six feet of rice and seaweed, you must order this monster roll two days in advance.

7. Kitchen Sink at Beaches & Cream Soda Shop - Walt Disney World Resort, Florida

Between your trips to Magic Kingdom and the other Disney Parks, stop on over at Beaches Cream Soda Shop and get your sugar fix. Order the Kitchen Sink and you’ll get plenty of fanfare with it as the ice cream parlor dims the lights and announces the arrival of your order in front of everybody. For $28, you’ll get 8 hearty scoops of ice cream buried with a brownie, muffin, angel food cake, banana, milky way bar and Oreos. All of this is drizzled with ladles of fudge, butterscotch, peanut butter, along with pineapple, strawberry, and marshmallow toppings. And of course, let’s not forget the grand finale, an entire can of whipped cream and a handful of cherries.

8. The Mega Mel Burger at Mel’s Country Café - Tomball, Texas

The picture alone is enough to make someone queasy. The Mega Mel is made up of one-and-a-half pounds of beef, a quarter pound of cheese and toppings, and a full pound of bacon. In order to get your name on the wall, you’ll have to eat everything on your plate before the two hour mark. You’ll also have to be able to walk and talk without wanting to throw up.

9. The Big Unit Hot Dog at Alice Cooper’stown - Phoenix, Arizona

Owned by singer Alice Cooper from the 70s rock band of the same name, Alice Cooper’stown is home to The Big Unit Hot Dog, a $22.99 22" dog served in a baguette and piled high in toppings and buried in fries. Alan Richman of Man v. Food visited the restaurant and now the menu offers a grander version of the hot dog called Man vs. Food Bases Loaded Big Unit, generously topped with “Nightmare” chili, shredded cheese and cheese sauce, jalapenos, and other condiments. Of course, they sometimes hold hot dog eating contests, where people compete to down the Bases Loaded Big Unit the fastest.

10. Breakfast Burrito at Jack-N-Grill - Denver, Colorado

Feast your eyes on the seven-pound burrito, comprised of 12 eggs, a pound of ham, seven potatoes, an entire onion, and smothered in cheese and gravy. For $15, and with no time limit, you can take on this beast and if you win, your meal is free and your name will be on the wall in all its glory. If you’re a woman and win this challenge, you’ll get free meals for life at the restaurant.

11. 150 Ounce Steak at the Duck Inn - Redditch, Worcestershire, UK

Have a hankering for steak? If you got $177 to spare, take the High-Steaks Challenge. This monstrous rump steak is 12-inches wide, 12-inches long, and 4-inches thick. If you can polish off this slab of meat — along with the fries and onions rings on the side — in under an hour, you’ll get this meal on the house!

12. The Eighth Wonder at Clinton Station Diner - Clinton, New Jersey

Clinton Station Diner has a specialty of making burgers as large as you want. Their most famous creations include the 7-pound Zeus, the 50-pound Mt. Olympus, and the 105-pound Eighth Wonder, all of which come with various cash prizes if you beat the challenges. The picture featured above is a massive 259-pound burger, which was the subject of a 2008 eating contest. Try if you will, but it’d probably be safe to call the paramedics over just in case!

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