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You haven’t been in EMS long enough if you don’t yell “Clear right!” when you’re driving off-duty
There is something sacred inside the cab of the world’s ambulances
When I started writing, I never imagined that it would actually make me a better paramedic
Leaders cite safety concerns, potential for confusion among non-English speaking patients
The role, though thankless, is endlessly important.
Too much of a good thing can lead to a bad thing, like needing paramedics after attempting to eat one of these gut-busting and heart-stopping meals
When we arrived at the hospital, Nathan’s eyes focused on his toy, imagining some heroic Transformers mission
I walked away with a huge hole in my heart and tears in my eyes; I felt as if I had left a piece of my heart behind
Here’s an example from the annals of “you can’t make this stuff up”
Video compilation of the best siren imitations by animals
Off-duty paramedic and bystanders rescue surfer attacked by sharks
When talking about the kind of work I do, people often ask me how I deal with everything that I see
Responders will do their best, get through it and go home when they are through, but home will never be the same
Drones, autonomous vehicles and algorithms will change how EMS is delivered and conflicts are resolved
Don’t judge me for the work I do or the service I provide to those in need
Show us a little respect and we’ll do the same for you
If you’re reading this, do something to remind yourself of who you were when you started this whole game
Life as a paramedic’s sidekick will never be dull, or easy, or without hardship
It is hard to be around a mourning person; it is even harder when you place yourself in their shoes
The art of complaining has been adopted by just about every profession, but paramedics have the best things to complain about
Follow this list of tips from a paramedic and no one gets hurt (or gets an ambulance bill)
Ubiquitous smartphones and easy sharing on social networks put paramedics and the reporters covering them under increasing scrutiny
Regardless of my title, I know my job and I know what I’m worth to society, and that’s all that matters
I don’t even remember the drive over to the hospital, but I do recall how quickly the doctor halted all efforts
Our communities trust us with their lives, but that doesn’t make us heroes
Fortunately for me, I’ve learned over the years that hiding emotion doesn’t equate to strength.
We work long hours, often make low wages, and have to deal with some pretty difficult situations
There are people who are angry and people who hate us; understanding the difference is extremely important
If you could start your career over, would you do anything differently?