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What advice would you give an EMS rookie? WRONG answers only!

“Always say exactly what’s on your mind to patients” and other bad advice for rookie providers


By EMS1 Staff

Greetings, aspiring heroes of EMS! Welcome to a world where every second counts and lives hang in the balance. While seasoned professionals are often eager to share the wisdom they’ve cultivated after years of calls, where’s the fun in that? Instead, we’ve compiled a list of things rookies should absolutely not do on their first day.

Do you have a few (dozen) years under your and belt and have some advice to pass on? Add a comment to the form below to share your own “sage” wisdom! You can also upvote your favorite submission of the worst advice for EMS rookies in our included poll.

EMS providers share their best bad advice

Rookies, as you venture forth into the challenging world of EMS, remember that experience is your greatest teacher. However, let’s spice things up by momentarily embracing the missteps that lie ahead, like believing sirens have magical powers of traffic dispersal. The world of bad advice offers a humorous backdrop against which we can examine our own growth.

Buckle up, rookies, and get ready for a playful exploration of the pitfalls that await you.

Here’s what seasoned EMS providers are saying:

  • “You’re set to save them all!”
  • “It’s an EMERGENCY! Drive as fast as you can!”
  • “Always say EXACTLY what’s on your mind to every patient.”
  • “Bottle up your emotions ... it isn’t OK to cry or be human.”
  • “Just like every scenario you did in medic school, no patient will ever die, as long as you do everything right.”
  • “When a patient asks if you want to see it (use your imagination), always answer yes!”
  • “Don’t worry about packing some snicky-snacks, you’ll have plenty of time to grab a meal.”
  • “This’ll be the easiest thing you’ll EVER do!”
  • “Meal prepping is your best bet. You’ll always have time to eat it.”
  • “Always wish your relief a nice slow shift!”
  • “As an EMS provider, you will make too much money. Oh, and the public loves you!”
  • “Always agree with what the patient says they think is wrong with them, right or wrong.”

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