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High-Angle Rescue

It is our responsibility to respond, no matter what the potential hazards may be, so what is your agency training on?
National Park Service officials said a climber fell from the Great White Wall and suffered traumatic injuries
Gig Harbor Fire & Medic One requested additional specialized help to complete the rope rescue
A worker in Durham was hit by a piece of equipment and left hanging 150 feet about the ground
EMS in Crandon treated nine riders of “The Fireball” after a mechanical failure stranded them upside down at the top of the loop
The person dropped from a fenced area near the Sacramento River, but responders found him in stable condition and transported him to a hospital
Members of the Honolulu Fire Department are urging residents and tourists to be mindful of the dangers of venturing off without adequate food, water and a fully-charged phone
The man was clinging to the side of the cliff “like a cat” as rescuers quickly formulated a plan to save him
A photo shows the man hanging from an emergency rope near the top of the building
The pickup was hanging from the bridge only by a set of “safety chains” attached to a camper trailer
FD: Two workers who were trapped on dangling scaffolding were rescued through a window
The helicopters enable emergency medical transport, still and swift water rescue, search and rescue, high angle rescue and fire suppression/aerial reconnaissance for Travis County, Texas
A 20 year-old-man lost control of his vehicle and was killed after being thrown out of his car
Paramedics call for a high-angle rescue when the woman could not be moved through her front door
UK responders perform a high-angle rope rescue to free the injured from The Smiler amusement ride
The incident happened at a high-rise construction project; 1 worker seriously injured when scaffolding peeled away from the building
Two firefighter-paramedics rappelled the cliff with a rescue basket; the boy was awake and crying