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Food Poisoning

Ed Currie’s Pepper X registers an average of 2.69 million units
EMS was called to the Worcester home after the teen had become sick and fainted after eating a chip seasoned with Carolina Reaper and Scorpion peppers
It appeared the students had eaten food containing THC, Baltimore County Police spokesperson Trae Corbin said
A student allegedly brought marshmallow marijuana edibles to school and distributed them to fellow students
Authorities said 28 adults and 2 children were taken to the hospital; they are all expected to recover
Officials said the outbreak appears likely to have been caused by bacillus cereus or clostridium perfingens
Officials are trying to determine if there were other people who got sick but didn’t seek medical care
EMTs received multiple reports of people vomiting, and used a bus to transport those sickened to area hospitals
Ambulance crews summoned to assess ‘spaced out’ people
The 2013 outbreak sickened more than 700 and killed nine