Boy's death sparks petition to require ambulances at school football games

Riley Boatwright, 13, collapsed on the field while playing in a football game

By EMS1 Staff

LEXINGTON, Okla. — A family started a petition requiring an ambulance's presence at junior and high school football games after their son's death. reported that 13-year-old Riley Boatwright collapsed on the field while playing in a football game on September 24.

"Riley didn't know when he got up that morning, when he put his little shoes and his jeans on and ran to the bus, that it was going to be his last day," Natalie Boatwright, Riley's older sister, said.

In Oklahoma, it's not a requirement for ambulances to be present at junior and high school football games. However, Riley's family is hoping to change that.

"It's about moving forward. It is not a blame game," Regina Faught, Riley's cousin, said. "It is not about saying this one should have done, or this person should have done this. It's about another family never having to go through with this."

Wadley EMS, which has only five ambulances to cover their jurisdiction, is currently working with school district officials on a temporary and permanent solution.


Who was Riley Boatwright? I asked his oldest sister, Natalie, today and you can hear what she had to say in this video. It's hard to imagine what she's going through. If you'd like to participate in the families call to action, they're asking everyone who hears Riley's story to sign this petition. They hope to push a piece of legislation that would require ambulances to be on standby at all junior high and high school football games. In case you missed the original story, Riley passed away due to a traumatic brain injury that happened during a junior high football game at his home town of Lexington. The family believes an immediate response from EMS could have given the 13 year old more a chance to live a full life. Read more/sign here:

Posted by Mckenna Eubank FOX 25 on Thursday, October 17, 2019

ONLY ON 5: A Lexington woman wants an ambulance on-site for every middle and high school football game in the state. She's starting a petition in honor of 13-year-old Riley Boatwright, who died from injuries he sustained during a football game recently.

Posted by Perris Jones KOCO on Sunday, October 13, 2019

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