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Examining recommendations for EMS treatment of adult and pediatric cardiac arrest related to epinephrine, compression depth and rate, and double sequential defibrillation
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Deprioritizing epinephrine in the order of interventions
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“We were her last best chance tonight, and my partner and I successfully stood in the gap between life and death”
The woman is also accused of DUI and animal cruelty after crashing her vehicle and chasing people while holding a small dog
The mother of Davidson County Rescue Squad Paramedic Richard Montgomery reports that he died from a severe anaphylactic reaction after a bite or sting while on a call
Senate Bill 418, would allow departments to obtain prescriptions for, purchase and distribute EpiPens to firefighters, police with training on how to administer the drug
Research suggests an association between sodium bicarbonate and decreased survival-to-hospital discharge and worsened neurological status
Fourth-grader Jackson Payne was honored for saving his mother and brother in separate incidents
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EMT students at Middlesex Community College are learning how to administer intramuscular epinephrine by traditional syringe in cases of anaphylaxis
The teachers learned how to perform CPR, use the AED, execute the Heimlich maneuver, administer an EpiPen, and perform basic first aid
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