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CISM Perspectives Offer Line of Duty Death Pre-Planning Seminar

Hamburg, NY - The Hamburg Volunteer Fire Department along with CISM Perspectives, a nationally respected Line of Duty Death(LODD) authority, is offering a powerful and thought provoking seminar on establishing an LODD Pre-plan, addressing the countless issues and needs for the family and your agency involved in this tragedy.

Every year, more than 200 Public Safety responders die in the line of duty. It is estimated that fewer than 25% of agencies have an LODD pre-plan in place. Training for proper death notification is seriously lacking from most Fire, EMS and Law Enforcement training programs.

CISM will be putting on this must-attend seminar for Fire, EMS and Law Enforcement Chiefs, Line Officers, Safety Officers, Fire Police, Fire/EMS/Police Clergy, CISM/Peer Support Teams, Mental Health, Funeral Directors, and EAP.

A sample of topics covered:

  • Tradition, Honor, Respect ©
  • Leading LODD causative factors
  • Best practices for emergency services funerals
  • How to establish and write a LODD Pre-plan
  • Appropriate death notification procedure training
  • Planning Wake, Funeral & Memorials for the fallen
  • CISM/Grief needs during and after
  • Supporting your agency during and after the event
  • Supporting the surviving family during and after the event
  • Public Safety Officers Benefit Programs (PSOB) details
  • Local, regional and national LODD resources

The CISM seminar will be offered on November 14, 2009, from 8:30am-4:30pm at the Hamburg Volunteer Fire Dept., 301 Union St, Hamburg, Ny. Cost for this training is $125 per student. The deadline to register is November 11, 2009. Class size will be limited. Registration forms are available at

Thank you and we truly look forward to meeting you at this powerful and educational seminar!

For more information on training courses offered by CISM view their Fall 2009 Training Schedule