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EMS Strong

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It’s time for EMS to take the lead in making sure our healthcare partners know who we are
Two EMTs bridge the generational divide, learn from each other
A coalition of national EMS organizations will raise money for the National EMS Memorial Service through sale of the memorial coin
EMS providers share what partnership means to them and how their partner has made a difference in their lives
EMS Week offers a chance to talk to your community about where EMS is today – and where it’s headed tomorrow
11 cardiac arrest survivors were reunited at the 21st Second Chance Ceremony with the rescuers who saved their lives
Paramedic Dannie Myers created her brand Rescue Chic to connect, inspire and outfit women in emergency services
A permanent memorial would create a place of respect to call our own and recognize the efforts of EMS providers across the U.S.
Take this quick quiz to find out if you are an Adrenaline Junkie, Caregiver, Burnout, Clinical Thinker or Dinosaur
The proclamation thanks all EMS providers and encourages all Americans to show support for their local first responders
As a medic who popped a girl’s knee back into place I never expected her to recognize me years later in the grocery store
I am not sure if I have ever been the unquestionable difference between life and death, but I can tell stories about making patients feel better on their worst days well into the night