The law of attraction and the use of social media in EMS

What does your agency social media presence convey?

Visiting an EMS company page gives you an immediate glimpse into the inherent values and beliefs of the organization. Much of what's happening internally is revealed.

When approaching a social media image from a recruitment lens, the law of attraction is paramount. If the social media content is low level and unprofessional, you will attract more of that energy through job applications and followers.

Like attracts like.

When we convey an EMS image publicly, it's so very important to highlight the professionalism of our personnel, the need for EMS advocacy and funding, and the inspiring stories our personnel encounter every day.

When curating agency social media content for social media posts we should ask ourselves 4 questions:

  1. Will this attract top talent?
  2. What messaging would a legislator or mayor get from the content about EMS and your agency?
  3. Is this responsible and thoughtful?
  4. Would this help our community understand our work on a deeper level and inspire support?

Here are a few things to avoid that often generate a negative response or image:

  • Dirty job shirts and uniforms in photos
  • Unkept/unbuttoned shirts
  • Unmasked personnel in groups (depending on local mask mandates)
  • Morbid images (humorous or not)
  • Goofing off
  • Celebrating junk food
  • Celebrating and rewarding overtime
  • Photos with unkept ambulances/office spaces/crew lounges
  • Conveying a sense of foolishness clinically or operationally

With all of that said, it's OK to have fun, keeping in mind there is a fine line between fun and unprofessional, especially to the general public. Crew fun can be kept internal through a Facebook page for members only.

The image we convey is so important. Let's paint the picture of our profession as a profession.

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