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Recondition and upgrade older exhaust removal systems

Is your exhaust removal system 100% effective in protecting firefighters from breathing exhaust gases and soot in the firehouse?

MagneGrip Group can repair and upgrades older exhaust removal systems -- including those made by other manufacturers. If system parts are still functional (such as the overhead tracks and ductwork), MagneGrip can convert the remainder of the system at a fraction of the cost of an all-new system. Since MagneGrip has multiple exhaust removal options, updating an older system can be easily accomplished.

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About MagneGrip Group
Founded in 1993, MagneGrip Group is the #1-rated solution to the health threat of diesel exhaust emissions in firehouses and vehicle maintenance facilities. MagneGrip systems are professionally installed by a nationwide team of service technicians to provide 100% guaranteed satisfaction.

As an American manufacturer, MagneGrip Group is the only company that produces both hose-type exhaust removal systems and air purification systems. This combination of systems provides the most complete protection for fire personnel and it best fits the intent of FEMA and NFPA recommendations. MagneGrip’s 1,000° F rated hose is now standard equipment.