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MagneGrip Group, customers say...

Since 1993, we’ve worked to design and engineer the best, most cost-effective answer to the health threat of diesel exhaust emissions in firehouses and vehicle maintenance facilities. These are some of the things our satisfied customers have said.

“We’ve had our MagneGrip system for three years and it could not work better. It is dependable and easy to use. We are very pleased with the system.”
Sean McGuckin, Chief, Gales Ferry (CT) F.D.

“I like the safety of the MagneGrip system. The lightweight, magnetic nozzle has a smooth release and it doesn’t swing back forcefully like other systems.”
Dales Duermit, Chief, Sharonville (OH) F.D.

“We visited other fire departments that had exhaust systems and investigated the problems other systems had, and it looked like MagneGrip would be the best system.”
Tony Brown, Captain, London (KY) F.D.

“We looked at the different systems, and MagneGrip’s operation is extremely easy. Unlike other systems, the MagneGrip system has very little maintenance.”
Randy Rigsby, Chief, Berea (KY) F.D.

“As a mechanical engineer, I knew we needed a simple system in our volunteer department and MagneGrip met this criteria. I didn’t like the complexity of the other systems.”
James Neils, Asst. Chief, Hauser Lake, (ID) F.D.

“We had the AirHAWK 3000 XL system installed in the apparatus areas of our department. The apparatus areas are noticeably cleaner, fume and dust free.”
Tom Barstow, Chief, North Myrtle Beach (SC) F.D.

“Though you showed us scientific data on AirHAWK’s performance, our own experience is proof enough for us. It smells better and we no longer contend with diesel soot covered walls and surfaces.”
Michael Pandy, Lieutenant, Eastlake (OH) F.D.

“Because of the design of our different stations, we looked at the systems that would work best for us. We particularly like the MagneGrip Sliding Flexhose system, which no one else has, because there are no hanging hose loops to get in the way. It works very well in keeping the aisles between vehicles clear and it allows easy access to all of the apparatus compartments. We have the Flexhose systems in three of our stations. Because of the design of our Central station, where we have vehicles parked behind one another, we have MagneGrip’s Straight Suction Rail system. The systems have worked well and made a tremendous difference in our stations. Our firefighters have commented on how glad they are to be able to keep the doors shut in the winter months while doing truck checks inside. With the exhaust removal system connected to the tailpipe, you override the automatic timer so that the exhaust gases and particles are exhausted to the outside while the apparatus is running….and you can do these checks safely and effectively indoors.”
Mark Foulks, Chief, Greeneville (TN) Fire Department

For more information about MagneGrip products, including the now standard, 1000° F rated hose, call 800-875-5440 or visit

About MagneGrip Group
Founded in 1993, MagneGrip Group is the #1-rated solution to the health threat of diesel exhaust emissions in firehouses and vehicle maintenance facilities. MagneGrip systems are professionally installed by a nationwide team of service technicians to provide 100% guaranteed satisfaction.

As an American manufacturer, MagneGrip Group is the only company that produces both hose-type exhaust removal systems and air purification systems. This combination of systems provides the most complete protection for fire personnel and it best fits the intent of FEMA and NFPA recommendations. MagneGrip’s 1,000° F rated hose is now standard equipment.