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Air Vacuum Corporation celebrates 24 years dedicated to protecting first responders

DOVER, N.H. — Air Vacuum Corporation recently celebrated its 24th Anniversary. For nearly a quarter century the dedicated team has been protecting first responders worldwide from hazardous exhaust emissions with its revolutionary hose-free AIRVAC® 911 System.

“First responders put their lives and health at risk every day when they go to work, not knowing what they will face. There’s so much out of their control,” said Tom Vitko, President. “It’s a privilege for everyone here at Air Vacuum Corporation to work with such an upstanding group of individuals.”

Air Vaccum Corporation will be exhibiting at the following upcoming conferences. Please stop by to learn more. We are happy to answer any questions:

FDIC - Booth #832
April 26-28
Indianapolis, IN

Station Design Conference - Booth #1
May 9-11
Ft. Worth, TX

Fire Expo 2018 - Hall E, Booth #511
May 18-20
Harrisburg, PA

The AIRVAC 911® engine exhaust removal system improves the total indoor air quality of the entire apparatus area and living quarters by removing the carcinogenic, hazardous gases and particulate which are emitted from diesel and gasoline engines.

This fully automatic system is self-contained and hangs from the ceiling to ensure that it doesn’t interfere with daily activities. With a UL 508 certified “Smart Timer” control panel, the system automatically activates every time a vehicle leaves and returns making it the only system to eliminate “engine exhaust backwash” – the exhaust fumes that re-enter the building when vehicles enter or exit.

Across the country, fire and EMS stations are installing the AIRVAC 911(R) System. In Tennessee, the City of Chattanooga Fire Department has 20 fire halls. They have the AIRVAC 911® System installed in four of them and a new fire hall being built will also include the system. “We have been more than satisfied with the systems’ performance and the ease of service. The AIRVAC systems are phasing out the current hose systems we have and are much more efficient and cheaper to maintain,” said Steve Harvey, General Supervisor for the Fire Department.

“We feel like the AIRVAC 911® system removes the fumes inside better than the hose system because of the area they cover. This eliminates having to hook up apparatus,” commented Harvey. “In my opinion, these systems are the best by far for safety concerns about the air in fire hall bays.”

About Air Vacuum Corporation
Founded in 1994, Air Vacuum Corporation designed the AIRVAC 911® Engine Exhaust Removal System to provide a self-contained, affordable, attachment-free, fully automatic system for removing hazardous gases and particulate from fire station and EMS station work environments. It features a proprietary multi-directional airflow design that maximizes the particulate and gas removal from the breathing zone of the apparatus area. AIRVAC 911® is the only system to eliminate “exhaust backwash” – the exhaust fumes that re-enter the building as vehicles leave and return from their calls. This energy-efficient system is manufactured in the U.S.A. and meets NFPA 1500, OSHA, IBOCA, EPA and GSA standards. Visit: