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Hot car danger demo by FDNY paramedic on Fox News

After just 13 minutes, the medic observed signs of a heat emergency in the Fox news reporter


FDNY medic and Fox news crew demonstrate on hot car dangers

Image courtesy Farooq Muhammad

NEW YORK — The dangers of a hot a car to children and pets was demonstrated by an FDNY EMS paramedic on Fox & Friends.

Lt. Farooq Muhammad and reporter Maria Molina tested how quickly the interior of a passenger car heats up with no air conditioning and the windows closed

“A hot car is a dangerous environment,” Muhammad said. After eight minutes the car interior was nearing 100 degrees Fahrenheit and after only 13 minutes Molina’s tympanic temperature, measured by Muhammad, was 105.4 degrees Fahrenheit.

“I don’t recommend us staying in here much longer. This is the early stages of a heat emergency,” Muhammad said.