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e2v’s Argus Thermal Cameras Lend a Hand in the Battle Against Swine Flu

e2v’s Argus thermal imaging camera can now be used to easily and clearly identify anyone with a temperature, making it a must have piece of kit for all border control personnel in their battle against swine flu

The new ArgusSC uses a combination of direct spot temperature measurement and unique software to immediately identify travellers with raised body temperatures.

Jon Turner, product specialist comments, “We have calibrated the colorisation feature in the camera so that only temperatures associated with a fever are coloured on the screen, normal body temperatures are in a sense filtered out and so remain as black and white images on the screen”.

As the Argus SC is a self contained battery powered hand held device with a high performance LCD screen, it can be used at the earliest point of entry into the country. Travellers stepping off a plane or boat can immediately be viewed and assessed by an individual with a camera, moving from one landing area to another as needed.

The camera can also be fix mounted and linked to a larger screen or computer; this allows users the flexibility of permanently setting up at a bottle neck position to view a crowd as they pass by.

“As the threat of swine flu increases, prevention of exposure will become ever more important. It is therefore imperative that border control personnel are equipped with the latest technology.” comments John Masheder e2v’s Divisional director for Sensors. “The Argus SC has been helping police and security forces for some time now and I am confident this new feature can be of huge benefit in the battle to contain a swine flu outbreak”.

For more information about Argus thermal imaging cameras go to or call (UK) +44 (0) 1245 453443, (US) +1 800 342 5338, (Asia) +852 3679 364 8/9.

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