Top 5 EMS videos of November 2015

This month's favorites included an interview with Randolph Mantooth and a video showing the tasks and challenges of a 911 dispatcher

A video showing how to remove a foreign body from a patient's nose using a bag valve mask and a TED Talk featuring an EMTwere among this month's favorite videos. Which one was your favorite? 

1. Randolph Mantooth on becoming a real paramedic

Randolph Mantooth discusses how he considered becoming a firefighter and paramedic, what he calls "one of the most noble professions that anybody could possibly have."

2. Dispatcher's point of view

Spend a few minutes understanding the tasks, challenges and views of receiving 911 calls and dispatching emergency responders.

3. Nasal foreign body removal with a BVM

After a toddler inserts an object into their nose, likely causing pain, nasal discharge, and potentially ventilation compromise, a bag valve mask is used to blow the foreign body out.

4. TED Talk: EMT's honest answer to patient who asks 'Am I dying?'

Matthew O’Reilly, a veteran EMT on Long Island, N.Y., describes what happens when he tells a gravely hurt patient he's not going to make it.

5. Ambulance death race caught on camera

Dramatic footage shows two ambulances racing one another to get to an accident scene in South Africa, where EMS service is a lucrative business.

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