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Patient care: What’s your ‘perspective’?

In this episode, our co-hosts discuss Kelly Grayson’s latest book which examines how patient care differs between the perspective of police officers, nurses and EMS professionals

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In this episode, host Chris Cebollero interviews co-host Kelly Grayson about his new book, “Perspectives, Volume I: An Emergency Medicine and Public Safety Anthology.” The concept for the book came from a successful excercise on Grayson’s blog, in which he would create a fictional patient and elicit the perspective of an ER nurse and a police officer to understand how they see the same patient.

For his book, Grayson expanded on the concept, and invited a number of public safety and public health professionals to collaborate on the work. Our co-hosts discuss how readers should approach the book, where the idea came from and what a lay person can glean from the pages.

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