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EMS Artwork: Responders continue to heal, remain Vegas Strong

This AMR crew was working the night a gunman opened fire on 22,000 Las Vegas concert attendees


There were many first responders who were off duty when the Las Vegas shooting happened, but they came into work and offered to help. They knew their co-workers would be overwhelmed with patients. This event didn’t only impact the crews that were on scene, but all first responders in Las Vegas.

All sales from this image will go to the Las Vegas First Responder Mental Health Fund that has been set up by The Code Green Campaign. View the full Vegas Strong gallery here.

Daniel Sundahl is a firefighter, paramedic and artist who creates portraits of EMS scenes inspired by his work in the field. View his artwork at DanSun Photo Art. Daniel is working on his second book, which is scheduled for release in October. Both of his books will be available on Amazon.

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