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8 Pa. municipalities join to form regional EMS authority

The Municipal Emergency Services Authority in Lancaster County will set fees as it aims to address industry challenges



By Leila Merrill

LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. — In an effort to address local EMS issues, such as rising costs, funding shortfalls and staffing challenges, eight municipalities have banded together to form the first rate-setting regional municipal emergency services authority in Pennsylvania, WHTM reported Wednesday.

The Municipal Emergency Services Authority in Lancaster County was officially incorporated on Feb. 7. It includes the following eight municipalities:

  1. Conoy Township
  2. East Donegal Township
  3. Elizabethtown Borough
  4. Elizabeth Township
  5. Marietta Borough
  6. Mount Joy Township
  7. Penn Township
  8. West Donegal Township

The board will be responsible for determining the authorities’ services and fees.

The authority plans to be fully operational by early 2024.

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