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A six-year push for the day of appreciation, inspired by heroism and tragedy, culminated in the designation of Oct. 28 to honor first responders
4 Postvention strategies to help EMS members process and cope after experiencing a suicide loss
What we can expect, from inspiring keynote speakers, to leaders on the issues impacting the industry and COVID-19 safety measures
At least 94 people died after they were given sedatives and restrained by police from 2012 through 2021, according to the Associated Press
An AP investigation shows how a strategy intended to reduce violence and save lives has resulted in avoidable deaths
Tyler Wenrich, VP of operations at Emergency Services Solutions Inc., was going through a security checkpoint after traveling to Grand Turk on a cruise ship when it was discovered he had ammo
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A $2 million grant awarded is helping to launch a program in Cambria County that will use airborne drones to bring drugs and other medical supplies to rescue scenes and help emergency responders save more lives
The Mobile Fire Department has begun providing ambulance service to approximately 20,000 new residents after a referendum on the annexation
Warren County Fire Chief Timothy Johnson was treated by his colleagues from that earlier call
New York State Nurses Association research shows a decline in access over 20 years in North Country
Quick Response Unit volunteers work on recruitment as call volume increases
A worker was repairing the Waterford system when he was swept several hundred feet down stream
The Decatur Fire Department issued a recall of off-duty firefighters to respond to the 3-alarm fire
Aspirus MedEvac Operations Manager Jessica Montgomery said no two days are ever the same
A box truck ran a red light and struck several vehicles before bursting into flames
Two of the four new Palestine Regional Medical Center ambulances are wrapped to support breast cancer awareness and the military
An independent report recommends making Kalispell’s EMS coordinator a full-time position and increase ambulance staffing
A Broward County Sheriff’s Office fire rescue helicopter crashed into a structure shortly after takeoff
Fire and EMS personnel in Spartanburg County rescued two people in plane crash
Wapello County Board of Supervisors have moved towards a referendum but worry about EMS funding
The Springdale Volunteer Fire Department is able to send EMS-certified personnel to medical emergencies
Mary Dutchess said every time she step into the Cumberland Goodwill EMS ambulance she thinks of her daughter
2 people and a dog were rescued after an explosion sent them into the water at Gloucester Harbor
Stamford police, EMS, behavioral health members and firefighters worked together to end a 6-hour standoff
Three Jefferson County ambulance companies got their start when a law took the responsibility of transporting patients from the coroner’s office
EmergyCare’s Camp EMS offers a view into a career in EMS with hands-on training and demonstrations
A Staten Island University Hospital spokesperson stated the overnight service was “grossly underutilized” and was a supplement to FDNY EMS
Six positions are open, including two spots to represent the National Association of State EMS Officials and the International Association of Fire Chiefs
Columbus officials recognize the importance of EMS outside the city as well as the cost to city taxpayers