6 worst uses of an ambulance

Here are some of the most inappropriate uses of ambulances in 2015

We rounded up the worst, most inappropriate or surprisingly wrong uses of ambulances in 2015. Did we miss one? Let us know in the comments!

1. Teen uses ambulance as ride to prom

A Bahamas teenager used an ambulance as a ride to her prom. She was then "woken up" by a kiss from her "Prince Charming." The story went viral and was amply criticized. The employee who allowed the transport was later suspended.


2. Ambulance smuggling 600 pounds of illegal drugs seized

Two men disguised as paramedics were arrested in the U.K. after being stopped by police while transporting 600 pounds of cocoaine, heroin, amphetamine and ecstasy on a fake ambulance.


3. Mother calls ambulance to give kids ride to school

A North Dakota mother was arrested after calling 911 for an ambulance to take her children to school because of bad weather. When police officers arrived at her door, she threatened to kill them.


4. Woman calls 911 to get ride to boyfriend's home

A New York woman called 911 on a fake emergency so she could get an ambulance ride to her boyfriend's house. The woman was arrested and charged with falsely reporting an incident.


5. Drunk EMT steals ambulance on 21st birthday

A Virginia EMT and medical student stole an ambulance after celebrating his 21st birthday. After EMS providers realized their vehicle was missing, they contacted the man through the ambulance radio. The man was apparently returning the ambulance when police stopped him.


6. Teen caught 'just trying to have sex' in ambulance

Returning to their ambulance after a call, paramedics found an 18-year-old kissing a girl on a stretcher in the back of the vehicle. When confronted by one of the medics, the teen said, "We are just trying to have sex," and punched the paramedic three times.

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