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3 rules for telling a memorable EMS grant story

Write a compelling narrative with passion, conflict and resolution to engage grant application reviewers in your project

Writing a grant application narrative is similar to writing an article for a professional publication. An idea — for an article or a grant application — usually starts with a conversation with colleagues that develops into a set of key points.

Those talking points become the outline for a story. Just like storytelling, grant proposals have a similar criteria that make them compelling to reviewers. Here are three rules to make your story more engaging.

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Rachel Stemerman is the product manager of data science and APIs at ESO. Prior to joining ESO, she completed her PhD in Health Informatics at the University of North Carolina as a National of Library Medicine fellow where her research focused on information extraction, machine learning, and data visualization for clinical decision support. Prior to entering her PhD program, she was the quality improvement coordinator for Orange County EMS where she currently is an active paramedic.

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