Wis. EMS criticized for photo of dead deer in ambulance

A statement from the service said the crew’s actions “are not allowed or tolerated” but did not affect emergency response

By EMS1 Staff

SHAWANO COUNTY, Wis. — A photograph showing EMS providers transporting a dead deer in an ambulance prompted criticism from residents on Facebook.

Clintonville Area Ambulance Service employees told Action 2 News that crewmembers encountered the deer at an intersection, properly logged and reported it, and later donated the venison to five families.

The photograph shows two crewmembers with the male deer strapped to a stretcher in the back of the rig.

Reports are unclear on how the deer was injured, if it was already dead at the time the photograph was taken, and why crewmembers chose to transport it. It is also unclear who took the photograph and how it began circulating on Facebook.

Employees said Shawano County deputies were also at the scene of the incident.

The ambulance service published a statement saying the crew’s actions “are not allowed or tolerated by the service” but also that “these actions did not jeopardize 911 service.”

“Measures have been taken to thoroughly disinfect the ambulance and all equipment,” the service said.

Responses on Facebook were mixed, with some finding the situation humorous while others calling it unprofessional and saying they would not want the team involved responding to their emergencies.

“People need to lighten up,” said one user. “Their actions didn’t hurt anyone or jeopardize service and were absolutely hilarious.”

“If you were the one dying while having a heart attack while this ambulance was put out of service, perhaps you would feel ‘just a little differently’ about this ‘hilarious’ incident,” said another.


We are aware of actions of one of our crews on 11/16/19 Be aware these actions are not allowed or tolerated by the...

Posted by Clintonville Area Ambulance Service on Monday, November 18, 2019


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