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Survey: Disciplinary action

Examining disciplinary culture, administration and perception in EMS


In a field where members rely on each other to work on critical cases in tandem, to survey the scene to keep each other safe, and to lend a listening ear after a traumatic call, maintaining the integrity of the department and trust between members is essential. This EMS1 special coverage series identifies the top disciplinary issues facing EMS leaders and what they can do to prevent and mitigate bad behavior while preserving trust among the community and members.

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In the high-stakes emergency medicine environment, members rely on each other to have each others’ backs, when it comes to assessing the scene for safety threats, to working in tandem to care for patients, and to lean on each other after difficult calls.

Moreover, members in the public safety sphere are responsible for preserving the trust of community members, that help will be there for them when they need it.

Maintaining the integrity of the department and trust between members, the community, and community partners, is essential.

A lack of accountability is one of the quickest ways to endanger patient safety, provider safety, and that trust. According to risk management guru Gordon Graham, discipline ensures that each member knows and understands their responsibilities in their role, and the consequences for not carrying out those responsibilities.

EMS1 is seeking to identify how EMS agencies are disciplining members who fail to follow policies and protocols, and how providers perceive their organization’s disciplinary measures.

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