Greetings from Pinnacle: Bruce Evans, Rob Lawrence, Chris Cebollero on the future of EMS

In this crossover episode, hosts Rob Lawrence and Chris Cebollero are joined by Bruce Evans, president of NAEMT, to speculate on what's coming next for the industry

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In this crossover edition of EMS One-Stop and Inside EMS, hosts Rob Lawrence and Chris Cebollero report together from Pinnacle EMS 2022 leadership conference and are joined by guest Bruce Evans, president of NAEMT. 

During the discussion, Bruce issues a call-to-action to save ambulance services as we know it, in the face political, reimbursement and recruiting pressures. The crew also discusses their favorite presenters and presentations from the conference, and offer a vivid description of the memorial to the late Jack Stout, considered to be the father of high-performance EMS systems.

Special Coverage

Special Coverage

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