EMS Agenda 2050 Quick Take: Focusing on people – providers, patients, families – is the future of EMS

The EMS Agenda 2050 outlines six guiding principles for the future of emergency medical services

WASHINGTON, D.C.— The EMS Agenda 2050 National Implementation Forum marks the end of creating a vision for the future of EMS and the beginning of implementing changes to turn the EMS Agenda 2050 document into reality. The National Implementation Forum was conducted at the Department of Transportation building in Washington, D.C., and livestreamed on YouTube, which can be watched at the end of this article.

Mike Taigman, prolific EMS author, educator and quality improvement guide, moderated the first panel of speakers, which featured four members of the technical expert panel. Those speakers, tasked with facilitating the process, including regional meetings, and reading hundreds of pages public comment, were:

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