Mike Taigman, Better EMS Performance

Better EMS Performance

by Mike Taigman

Mike Taigman uses more than four decades of experience to help EMS leaders and field personnel improve the care/service they provide to patients and their communities.  He helps them use data, technology, and the science of improvement to produce results that matter.

His expertise includes EMS street survival, patient centered leadership and effective quality/performance improvement.

Taigman is the Improvement Guide for FirstWatch, a company which provides near-real time monitoring and analysis of data along with performance improvement coaching for EMS agencies.  They also provide situational awareness, operational performance analysis, clinical quality performance measures, as well as health surveillance, bioterrorism alerts along with a host of other data related services.

Taigman honed his clinical skills caring for patients in Denver and his leadership skills running large ALS 911 systems. Taigman is a popular conference educator, author of hundreds of articles, and he has consulted across the U.S. and around the world. He has a Master’s Degree in Organizational Systems and is a an Associate Professor in the Emergency Health Services Management graduate program at the University of Maryland Baltimore County. Email Mike Taigman mtaigman@firstwatch.net

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