7 habits EMTs can't shake when off-duty

Don’t see a habit you have? Add yours in the comment section

Whether it’s clearing intersections at green lights or not being able to tear your eyes away from a good vein, the habits you pick up in EMS don’t leave you just because you’re not working.

We asked our fans on Facebook to share the habits they find themselves doing when not on the clock, and rounded the spot-on responses.  

Don’t see a habit you have? Add yours in the comment section.

1. "After 12 years on the job, when you put food down in front of me, I eat quickly without talking. I have to make a conscious effort to slow down and converse with whoever I am sitting with." — Dru Ross

2. "I do quick assessments on people I sit around in at restaurants, ball games and other places with lots of people. My wife does too. Habits die hard." — Robb Lumsden

3. "I find myself looking at people's veins thinking 'that's an awesome vein for a blood draw or IV start.'" — Mark Zaragoza 

4. "I am constantly looking for the closest exit in public areas, as we'll as making a point to not get boxed in." — Cori Armstrong

5. "I've been known to check pulses while shaking hands." — Greg Wheelock

6. "I am always saying 'there’s a priority one waiting to happen!'" — Brian Clark

7. "Definitely slowing down at intersections ... even when I have the green light. Looking both ways before I go once the light turns green, too. And do I even have to say 'railroad crossings?'" — Tasha Phillips Miller 

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