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Equipping citizens to put down the cell phone and save lives in an emergency
Paid and volunteer firefighters worked together to answer hundreds of calls for rescues
Organizations stuck using yesterday’s demand analysis deployment strategies are getting left behind
Crewmembers have endured nonstop days and received thanks while using “all of your skill set of everything that you’ve learned and prepared for”
Safety Director Karrie Howard: Nicole Carlton “has proven herself an effective leader during several major events within the city. Carlton is a dedicated public servant”
A list of relevant and authoritative situational awareness resources for use by fire and EMS leaders
USAR teams have been deployed to a staging area, and local fire departments have been issuing safety reminders to their communities
Federal money and other resources to fight the virus will be made available
The legislation was created in response to a firefighter breaking the rules after waiting for an ambulance then transporting a child with burns in a fire truck
AMR said it deployed 62 times in the last five years in support of the government agency
What EMS needs to know about treating suicide attempts
There is a groundswell of support to change how lights and sirens are used in EMS to reduce risk to ambulance crews, patients and others
Be prepared for Super Bowl-related emergencies, from avocado mishaps to cardiac arrest
Rescuers have had to crawl over the dead to get to the living, said Jeremy Creason, Mayfield’s fire chief and emergency services director