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“Emergency!” star completes cancer treatment

Randolph Mantooth uses Facebook to say that he has successfully finished cancer treatment

LOS ANGELES — Randolph Mantooth, actor and EMS advocate, revealed that he had cancer and that the treatments are now completed.

“Earlier this year, I was diagnosed with cancer, and I decided to share that news with only a small circle of family and friends,” Mantooth wrote in an Aug. 30 Facebook post.

Mantooth shared appreciation for friends and family who honored his request for privacy and supported him during treatment. “I am feeling stronger every day and am focusing now on getting back to my normal life as quickly as I can.”

Mantooth starred as firefighter/paramedic Johnny Gage on the television show “Emergency!” from 1972-1979. The crew of Los Angeles County Fire Department Station 51, particularly the paramedic team of Gage and DeSoto inspired countless people to become EMTs, paramedics and firefighters.

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