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Randolph Mantooth: Reflections on 40th anniversary of “Emergency!”

This year marks the 40th anniversary of “Emergency!”, a show that first exposed many audience members to the idea of paramedics. At Fire-Rescue Med 2011, Chief Wylie interviews actor Randy Mantooth, who played Johnny Gage on the show and has bee

These ‘golden oldies’ were my introduction to the non-stop action that is emergency services, and the life I have now
Randolph Mantooth uses Facebook to say that he has successfully finished cancer treatment
Until the time comes that an image or series of images can capture the honesty, humanity, sorrow, triumph, exhilaration and tedium that accompanies every EMS shift, ‘watching it’ will never compare to ‘living it’
Mantooth spoke about bringing paramedics into people’s living rooms for the first time with the show “Emergency!” and what it’s like to be the nation’s most famous paramedic