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‘Emergency!’ actors reunite for new podcast

Listen to Randy Mantooth and Kevin Tighe, who played Johnny and Roy, on the first episode of the “Into the Unknown” podcast


Into The Unknown/Facebook

By Bill Carey
FireRescue1/EMS1 Staff

LOS ANGELES — The stars of the 70’s TV show “Emergency!”, which introduced the concept of paramedics to a wide audience and is credited with launching modern EMS in the U.S., are the first guests on the “Into the Unknown” podcast.

According to Randolph Mantooth, this is the first time he and co-star Kevin Tighe have ever been interviewed together. “You will hear never-before-told stories about the start of our careers and experiences on the show ‘Emergency,’” Mantooth said in a Facebook post.

Mantooth also promises to explain their motivations for the creation of the “Into the Unknown, the paramedic’s journey” documentary. Listen to the episode, hosted by Tonya Mantooth, here:

The “Into the Unknown” documentary and podcast aim to highlight the role of paramedics today, particularly in light of the pandemic that strained the healthcare system and showcased the crucial work of paramedics in caring for communities, according to a press release from Tonya Mantooth, executive producer.

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