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Minn. paramedic under investigation for stealing pain meds

The paramedic allegedly diverted narcotics and refilled the vials with saline; a criminal investigation is underway

BROOKLYN CENTER, Minn. — A paramedic is under investigation for allegedly stealing pain medication and replacing it with saline. reported the Minnesota Emergency Medical Services Regulatory Board temporarily suspended Robert Lien’s license after being notified of the allegations.

According to the state report, Lien “allegedly admitted diverting narcotics for approximately six weeks from his workplace as a paramedic at a licensed ambulance service.” The report also said Lien “reportedly diverted Fentanyl and Dilaudid for his own use and in a couple of instances used a syringe to remove Dilaudid from vials prepared for patients and refilled the vials with saline.”

The allegations prompted an internal investigation at North Memorial Health Care where Lien worked. The investigation found no evidence of harm to patients because of the diverted drugs.

The Brooklyn Center Police Department is conducting a criminal investigation.