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Why technology is the key to avoiding the next 9/11 and MCI preparedness
Celebrating outstanding achievement by collegiate EMS, innovation at the NCEMS conference
International first responders have used drones for observation, sharing messages with the public and even decontamination
The Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office and Duke University have partnered for a four-year program on drone response to cardiac arrest patients
The FDNY and the NYPD are reviewing drones that can drop flotation devices, electromagnetic shark deterrents
Gaston County first responders found the teen, missing since Wednesday, on a Crowders Mountain cliff
Officials in Renville County quickly halted trains after the drone spotted the crash victim on the Twin Cities & Western Railroad tracks
EMS providers transported several victims; FDNY firefighters searched the site with a robot dog and drones and used a tower ladder to remove a man from the roof
Upton police, fire and EMS members and mutual aid partners carried the man out of a wooded area and transported him to a hospital
An USAR team found the missing person’s vehicle by using a satellite radio service to obtain its coordinates
Using an app that shares GPS coordinates, Deerfield firefighters were directed to the injured man’s location
The patients were participating in a reality TV show called “Bad Girls Gone God” when some suffered heat-related illness
A bystander who stopped to perform CPR on the man said within minutes of dialing for help, a drone arrived overhead