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Critical Care

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Clinicians have released a review of the first statewide critical care coordination center
Greene County-Greeneville EMS is short-staffed by more than 20%
Two Austin-Travis County EMS response units will carry the low-titer O+ whole blood in specialized coolers
Acadian collaborated with the Boy Scouts of America and We Are Blood to expand the programs to Bastrop County
Two Lynch Ambulance crewmembers were injured in the crash
Learn how to utilize hospital outcome data to evaluate chemical sedation, including ketamine, benzodiazepine and anti-psychotics
When Fort Lauderdale fire crews arrived, nearby boaters were plucking people out of the water and off the boat
Gaston County EMS leadership embarked on a plan to equip every transport-capable ALS unit in Gaston County with a ventilator
MedFleet Ambulance CCT includes a registered nurse, paramedic and EMT, and is considered an “ICU on wheels”
A paper published in the Journal of Rural Health calls for changes to paramedic scopes of practice for airway and ventilator management in response to COVID-19
While heading to pick up a patient, the EMS crew discovered the crash while traveling in an ambulance after their helicopter was grounded due to bad weather
A new state protocol has been approved that requires EMS responders to stay at the scene to treat critical patients for an additional 20 minutes
Harness a passion for care to identify improvement opportunities in clinical specialty areas and propose change