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Compensation and Benefits

What we can learn about retention from EMS rising stars
The AAA and Newton 360 Industry Turnover Survey reveals increased turnover rates in full and part-time EMTs and paramedics
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Governor Kay Ivey signed a bill that adds EMTs and paramedics to existing hazardous duty time and retirement benefits
EMS1’s EMS trends state-of-the-industry survey provides targets for reducing stress, staffing challenges and leadership shortfalls
Somerset city officials are told employees are leaving for better pay and less calls
Lancaster County commissioners hope municipalities do the same to support first responders
Broward County officials plan to provide quick help for mortgage and rent payments, or funeral expenses before other benefits kick in
Collective bargaining is being promoted as a recruitment, retention benefit for Portsmouth
The bill presumes disabling or fatal infectious diseases were suffered in the line of duty as a result of injury due to uncapped needles
First responders in Kansas hope the Missouri bill will encourage their own legislators to pass a similar PTSD benefits bill
The Uniformed EMS Officers Union says the “Supervising Emergency Medical Service Specialist” position carries lieutenant responsibilities with less pay
Supporters of the new law believe it will improve recruitment and retention of volunteers
The law applies to those who got sick with the virus from March 9, 2020, through June 30, 2021 and assumes they contracted it because of work
A council member was inspired by FF-medic Lt. Mark Quick who stopped to help at a car crash and was severely hurt
They showed their support for a bipartisan measure that would benefit them
Retired public safety workers and teachers plan to sue again, citing the Medicare Advantage Plan’s pre-authorization requirements
Under the measure, it would be automatically assumed that working conditions directly led to first responders contracting COVID-19 and that it led to a disability
26 unions voted against the move to remove traditional Medicare as an option
The DeSantis appointees also said they would help award death benefits to Lesly Dorminy, the widow of longtime Reedy Creek firefighter Lt. James Dorminy
New legislation would extend a 10% property tax reduction to volunteer Rotterdam firefighters and providers with at least two years of service
The measure also includes members of the military who responded to 9/11 in Shanksville, Pa., and at the Pentagon, unlike the original legislation
“We ... hope this exemption helps efforts to attract more volunteers to our fire and ambulance companies, to enable more life-saving work that benefits us all,” a Rensselaer County executive said
The state group also recommends addressing inadequate recruitment and retention in other ways and convening another commission
Readers sound off on what’s attracting new talent and keeping members satisfied
The CDC changed the contractors who run the National Provider Network for some 25,000 and the prescription drug benefits for the whole program
House Bill 5785 would ensure a line of funding is available without disruption
Stewart’s Ambulance Service’s employee stock ownership plan would give shares to employees after working at the company for a certain length of time
Steve Grau; Brett Lyle; Scott Moore, JD, MBA; and Mike Poynter share strategies to compete for caregivers in a post-pandemic world