NYC councilman wants naloxone kits in schools to prevent overdoses

City councilman Rafael Salamanca will introduce a bill that requires schools to carry naloxone kits

By EMS1 Staff

NEW YORK — New legislation would require schools to be equipped with naloxone kits to prevent overdoses.

New York Daily News reported that councilman Rafael Salamanca will introduce a bill that would force school to carry anti-overdose kits.

“We’ve seen too many overdoses related to opioids this year, and overdose numbers continue to rise alarmingly amongst teens and young persons in particular,” Salamanca said. “This is a tragic problem, and any solution we have to help prevent overdoses, particularly through the use of naloxone, should be implemented.”

Salamanca’s bill would require all 1,800 schools in New York City to have the kits on site.

Mayor spokesperson Olivia Lapeyrolerie said the city doesn’t think the schools need naloxone kits.

“The safety and well-being of our students always come first, and we look forward to reviewing this bill,” Lapeyrolerie said.

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