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Whether it’s navigating a pediatric resuscitation or to the ED entrance that’s blocks away from a hospital’s posted address, these apps should be on every EMT’s smartphone
In this tip, risk management expert Gordon Graham encourages first responders to be smart about their use of cell phones while on duty
As part of a $6.3 billion investment, FirstNet will become the exclusive wireless network to offer first responders uninterrupted priority and preemption across the entire AT&T 5G spectrum
ALS care and a rope-rescue system helped save a cyclist having a severe allergic reaction in Manchester-by-the-Sea
Rescuers in Veronia said it was impossible to see the crash site due to the heavy brush.
San Bernardino firefighter-medics descended and began treating the patient, and their colleagues set up a rope system to bring them all back up
Geospatial routing, also called location-based routing, uses GPS information and other data and has been around for a few years
Ten people died and hundreds were injured during a massive crowd surge last year in Houston
People’s emergency text messages will be automatically translated for dispatchers
Every state must prepare for the nationwide 988 system that launches in July
The company will provide free 5G access to all public and nonprofit state and local fire, police and EMS agencies for 10 years
Firefighters and police searched the caller’s apartment complex for 45 minutes, a few hours before he was found dead by his roommate
Frequent outages involving a local telecom provider have spurred dozens of complaints
Ambulance dispatchers have noticed an alarming number of calls coming in from people with medical emergencies
A little boy called 911 on a deactivated cell phone to ask for someone to bring him lunch from the golden arches
Pedestrian deaths have jumped since 2009, which some experts attribute to “distracted walking” by phone users
The game sends players to real-world locations to capture virtual creatures
The man felt a sharp pain in his thigh when he realized he was on fire and tossed off his pants
The 62-year-old was mauled by a bear while walking a neighbor’s dog in Alaska woods
AT&T releases new ‘It Can Wait’ injury prevention video and launches virtual reality experience tour to increase awareness of the dangers of phone use behind the wheel
Officials ask how 911 call was routed to Ontario; efforts to resuscitate the 8th grader were unsuccessful
In four years, 122 people had to be rushed to hospital after accidents caused by pedestrians using cellphones
She said she took her eyes off the road in an ambulance rollover that killed a patient onboard