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Delray, a 5-year-old Labrador Retriever, is the star of PAWS, a canine-facilitated peer support program for EMS providers in Alberta, Canada
Co-hosts Chris and Kelly discuss the week’s news, including that of a man calling an Uber after getting shot
Toronto researchers found AEDs near out-of-hospital cardiac arrests are unavailable in one-fifth of incidents
The tech company and the advocacy group said they plan to focus on guidelines, goals and strategies
Firefighters landed in second place on a list of 29 jobs
A Canadian cellular-connected drone trial resulted in a deployment policy change after the study showed significant time saved when using drones to transport AEDs
The popular mobile game has lead some players into real-world injuries
STARS in Manitoba helicopters will fly with two units of O-negative blood for patient use on scene or during transport to a trauma center
The 68-year-old singer collapsed while singing his classic “I’d Do Anything for Love (But I Won’t Do That)”
Max, a golden retriever, is a member of the Ottawa Paramedic Peer Support Team
The fifth grade student submitted the winning essay for a National Paramedic Services Week contest
Equipping firefighters with epinephrine could cost the city $25,000
The bill would recognize PTSD as a work related diagnoses and will be voted on by MPPs tomorrow; the four unions combined represent nearly 8,000 paramedics
The change comes after the second daytime death in two years at the detention unit
The drones can be used to explore hazardous situations and deliver medicine