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Tweak Your Habits for a More Balanced Life

Let’s face it, being busy is not a goal any of us really aspire to—being productive and fulfilled is more like it. Here are some tips from the American Management Association on how to strike that elusive, delicate balance.

Scrutinize your workday. Assess your hoped-for vs. your typical workday. How would you ideally spend your time? What do you hope to accomplish? Then figure out your actual, day-to-day work life. How is your time actually spent? What can you tweak that would make a difference? For example, answering every e-mail immediately can interrupt focus and ultimately make you less productive. Make a decision to check e-mails on a scheduled basis.

Examine ways you procrastinate. Successful managers aren’t perfect, but they do look at themselves honestly. Figure out why you are procrastinating. Do you avoid projects that take a lot of time, are too complex or that you might fail at? Identify the situations that are most likely to trigger your procrastination, then break down the project into manageable chunks.

Take a walk every day. Just five minutes of moving your body in fresh air, away from your office and without electronic devices is bound to re-energize you and provide a fresh perspective.

Interview someone who seems to have it all together. Is there someone who seems to be living the life to which you aspire? Ask the person to lunch and find out how he or she successfully blends work, family, community and leisure time.

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