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Pet care products for around-the-clock care

Take care of your companions, even when you’re on a long shift

Pet picks

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By EMS1 Staff

For public safety professionals, long hours and extended shifts often come with the job. Serving the community means not always being home with your loved ones as much as you’d like, and that includes your pets. Pets provide us with endless comfort and affection, and we owe it to them to find creative solutions to meet their needs, even in our absence. While official duties can conflict with pet care, there are plenty of pet-care solutions to help.

With the well-being of pets in mind, a new generation of pet care products has emerged, sophisticated in design and thoughtful in function, to bridge the gap between duty and pet care. These innovative essentials allow those on the front lines to focus on their critical tasks, confident that back at home, their pets have everything they need. From feeders that schedule meals to the minute, to cameras that offer a comforting glance at any hour, we’ve gathered a list of premier pet care products.

Pet care products and services

And remember, if you’re looking for more involved pet care while you’re away, you can always consider hiring a local pet sitter to check in on your animals, or otherwise take advantage of services like doggy daycare, dog walkers or pet care apps.

The next time you’re worried about being away from your beloved pets for 10-plus hours, consider checking out this list of the best pet care products for the busy professional.

Yale Security Assure lock

The Yale Security Assure lock in sleek black suede offers busy pet owners a key-free touchscreen solution, ensuring reliable and secure entry for pet sitters or neighbors taking care of pets during an owner’s absence. Its backlit touchscreen keypad allows for quick and easy access, eliminating the hassle of keys and making it simple to share customized entry codes. With its elegant design and effortless functionality, this lock is an excellent addition to any first responder’s home who values convenience and security for their four-legged family members.

PetSafe extreme weather energy efficient pet door

The PetSafe extreme weather energy efficient pet door grants furry first responder companions the freedom to roam between indoor comfort and outdoor play, even while their owners are away on long shifts. Its insulated flap system is expressly designed to withstand harsh conditions, ensuring pets stay safe and the home’s energy efficiency is preserved.

WellToBe automatic cat feeder

The WellToBe automatic cat feeder is a first responder’s trusted ally, thoughtfully designed to care for your cat during extended absences with its 4-liter food reservoir and dual power supply that ensures your pet never misses a meal. Built-in ice packs keep food fresh, while the voice-recording feature enables you to call your cat to dine, maintaining a comforting presence. Its intuitive anti-clog technology and low food indicator also make maintenance seamless, so you can focus on your responsibilities, knowing your feline is well-fed and happy until you return.

Petsfit soft dog crate

The Petsfit 30-inch soft dog crate, available in multiple colors, offers a secure and inviting haven for pets, ensuring they feel comfortable and content in their owner’s absence. With its durable spiral iron pipe frame and chew-proof fabric cover, this collapsible dog kennel stands up to eager teeth, protecting both the pet and the home furnishings from damage. The thoughtful three-door design allows for easy access and ventilation, while also containing any potential messes, which helps maintain the cleanliness and order of your living space when you’re away.

iPettie donuts frost six-meal cordless automatic pet feeder

This automatic feeder from iPettie is an essential aid for first responders, providing peace of mind with its ability to serve both dry and wet food across six meals, accommodating erratic and demanding work schedules. Cordless and easy to set up, this automatic feeder ensures your pet is fed without the need for manual intervention, allowing you to focus on your critical duties. Its reliable feeding schedule and secure design keep your pet’s nutrition on track, helping you fulfill your responsibilities knowing your pet’s dietary needs are taken care of back at home.

nooie smart monitor

The nooie smart monitor offers a pet-friendly way to keep an eye on your animals from afar, with easy-to-use controls that let you follow them around the room and clear display for both day and night. With the convenience of two-way audio, you can listen in and even chat with your pets, adding a reassuring touch during your time apart. This intuitive device gives you the ability to stay connected and alert, ensuring your pet’s safety and comfort while you’re out.

Petcube indoor Wi-Fi pet and security camera

Given how much we loved the nooie smart monitor, we decided to include a second camera in our roundup. The Petcube indoor Wi-Fi pet and security camera is an innovative device that serves the dual purpose of keeping an eye on your pets and bolstering your home security. The camera’s two-way audio system allows for real-time interaction with your pets, providing reassurance and the ability to address them directly. Smart alerts keep you informed of any unusual activity, making the Petcube camera a comprehensive solution for pet care and property surveillance in one compact package.

Chamberlain clicker keyless entry

This keyless entry clicker by Chamberlain provides easy access to your home – and the furry friends inside – for pet sitters and neighbors alike. If you need to be away for an extended period of time while attending to official duties, you can rest assured knowing your sitter will have a quick and easy way to stop by and check in on your pet in the meantime. With its secure compatibility, this system is a reliable solution for pet owners who require a hassle-free way to grant temporary access to their homes, ensuring their beloved animals receive consistent care.