Video: Thieves steal from ambulance, light up joint inside

Apparently the thieves tried to steal a computer inside the vehicle, but were unable to, gave up and started smoking instead

Los Angeles Times

MANTECA, Calif. — Police in the Central Valley city of Manteca were searching Monday for two thieves who stole heart medication and a hypodermic drill from an ambulance before smoking a joint and leaving the rig in smoky disarray.

"All of our equipment was out of place and upside down, and immediately we knew there was something going on," said paramedic Martin Ortiz.

He said he and his partner got a 911 call and needed the ambulance while the thieves were still rummaging around inside. Surveillance video shows Ortiz and his partner climbing inside the vehicle seconds after the thieves leave; they had to radio for another ambulance to cover the call.

Full story: Thieves burglarize ambulance, light up joint inside

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