Mother pushes for ambulance requirement at high school football games

Heide Stuart wants the school district to make it policy to have an ambulance at all games after her son had to wait 17 minutes for transport

By EMS1 Staff

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A mother is pushing for ambulances to be required at all high school football games after her son was injured while playing and had to wait 17 minutes to be transported to the hospital.

Heide Stuart said she was shocked that there was no ambulance on standby when her son was injured in a football game, according to First Coast News.

"There was no ambulance there," Stuart said. "Nothing!"

Stuart said ambulances were always at the football games at her son’s previous school.

"There was an ambulance at every field and you had to buy insurance," she said.

Stuart now wants the school district to change its policy and require ambulances at the games.

"We knew the risk in signing up to play football but we didn't realize there is absolutely no accountability for the district," Stuart said. "We would love to see ambulances at the field, ambulances that can actually service the kids."

The school district responded, and said they have emergency plans in place for injuries that occur.

“Specifically, for our varsity football games, we have certified athletic trainers, sports medicine physicians and emergency medical services on-site,” the Duval County School Board said. “In the event of an injury, this team of medical officials responds to assess the injury and begin the care process. All of our schools (42), middle and high, have an agreement with an emergency services partner who provides EMTs and paramedics for football events, as well as transportation services.”

“We are confident our preparations provide for some of the safest environments in our region for our student-athletes and our opposing teams,” the board added.


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