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U.S. EMS agencies have been ordering options that make rigs safer and more comfortable for providers and patients
More and more departments are adding blocking units to protect emergency scenes
The ERSI has already tracked 34 first responder roadway-incident deaths in 2022 and an average of two struck-by incidents daily
Demers Ambulance USA names MacQueen Emergency as an authorized dealer partner representing Demers and Crestline products throughout Iowa
Wheeled Coach is a manufacturer of Type I, Type II, Type III and Medium-Duty ambulances
Niagara County officials hope their ambulances will begin work before Christmas
Harrison Barjolo crashed an Ashburnham ambulance at Heywood Hospital during a police pursuit
Atrium Health Navicent Emergency Medical Services has begun operations in Baldwin County
A Marion County Fire Rescue ambulance overturned in a collision with a bus and pickup truck
Kern County Medic Squad 63 had ROSC with a cardiac arrest patient prior to transport
Officials in Traverse City have begun working on recruitment, apparatus and transitioning from Mobile Medical Response
Two South Central Ambulance District paramedics were injured after their ambulance was struck by another vehicle
The committee recommends limiting copays for ambulance rides to $100, or 10% of what insurance pays out of network for ambulance services
Greenup County Ambulance Authority is launching six paramedic-staffed ambulances providing round-the-clock coverage
Debbie Virgilio was well-known to Auburn first responders in her final days