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2021 Year in Review

2021 has been a year of challenges, resilience and growth for EMS. The ongoing pandemic has continued to exacerbate and uncover new challenges, as hospital bed delays, staffing and resource management take center stage.

Research like the EMS Trend Report is emphasizing the importance of provider mental health and physical safety.

And game-changers like ET3, ketamine guidelines and telehealth are everything.

As we reflect on the year and prepare for 2022, find some of the standout news, providers and incidents that have shaped EMS care delivery and tips for navigating what the future has in store for EMS.

In this episode, our co-hosts look back at the articles that created the most buzz among the EMS1 community
As we reflect on the last 12 months, we remember the sacrifice of EMS professionals who selflessly gave their lives in service of their communities
Surgery was not the only lifeline for me after a potentially career-ending injury
Thousands of miles apart, two public safety professionals point to detailed plans as the reason for their organizations’ disaster response success
Hear from a host of EMS experts on how to improve patient care, leadership skills and operations for providers and leaders at every level
Hope, Arkansas-based Pafford EMS went the extra mile – 750 of them – to save a young father in desperate need of an ECMO bed
Looking back into the data on EMS activations and trends, and looking forward in hope
Cebollero and Bashoor discuss staffing storages, apparatus and ambulance safety, the COVID-19 vaccines, ET3 and telehealth, the use of ketamine, and much more
Review the major milestones associated with initial vaccine rollout, clinic scale-ups, and the race to determine the efficacy of vaccines on new variants
One year later: I’m thankful for vaccinated EMTs and paramedics and their willingness to serve others with compassion and empathy
Hosts Cebollero, Grayson, Lawrence, Antevy and more address the year’s hot topics and clinical challenges
Any help we can get to naturally shift our mood into a more positive direction is something we can all get behind
The holidays can be magical, but they can also be stressful; as a first responder, you owe it to yourself to make it work for you
Zechariah Cartledge is recognized by cops and firefighters across the US who know him from his videos that capture him running a mile for each first responder killed on duty
Reunions, acts of kindness and first responder surprises to bring a smile to your face