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2019 Year in Review

2019 was a paradigm-shifting year for the EMS industry and profession; one that will set the pace for the next decade’s worth of ambition and work. Reimbursement, retirement and retention are just a few of the issues reflecting changes in how EMS is planning and compensated for providing excellent patient care.

As we turn the page on this decade, take a look back at some of the biggest moments from 2019, and predictions from industry leaders on what the future will bring for EMS.

In this episode, our co-hosts are joined by EMS1 Editor-in-Chief Greg Friese to talk about the biggest stories to come out of EMS in 2019
From dangerous active shooter events, to ET3, Ebola, opioids and community paramedicine, EMS providers faced many significant incidents and evolving trends in the 2010s
Their dedication to protecting their communities will never be forgotten
From provider safety, to community paramedicine, degree requirements, retention, climate change and reimbursement; how to prepare for the challenges and opportunities the 2020s will bring EMS
Judy Ortiz and Adam Van Duzen of Morrow County (Ohio) EMS treated Trooper Jason Phillips for traumatic injuries, including a bullet wound, after he was struck head on by a wrong-way driver
Coordinated efforts between fire, EMS, CareFlight and hospital physicians made it possible for Paul Rizzo to continue living his life to the fullest
Evan Sisley has spent time as a photojournalist, EMT, paramedic and corpsman, but it was the president himself who inspired Sisley to enroll in medical school to become a doctor
Issues plaguing EMS, from low wages to mental health and safety concerns, the plight of rural emergency medicine and the FDNY’s first female Chief of EMS brought EMS into the national spotlight
In this episode, our co-hosts discuss the good and bad of 2019 in EMS, and offer their expectations of 2020
Can police, fire and EMS overcome the challenges we faced in the 2010s to prosper in the 2020s?
From a 7-inch fish lodged in a man’s throat, to a man claiming the devil made him steal an ambulance, these are the 19 strangest calls of the year
Top episodes from Inside EMS, The MCHD Paramedic Podcast and The Medic Mindset Podcast tackle degree requirements, clinical excellence and EMS safety concerns
New York Fire Department EMS Chief Lillian Bonsignore credits the support and encouragement she received from the women in her life for her success in emergency medicine
2019 was a paradigm-shifting year for the EMS industry and profession – one that will set the pace for the next decade’s worth of ambition and work
The wonder, compassion and joy new EMTs experience can remind us why we entered EMS in the first place
Our co-hosts look to the future and discuss which EMS model of service may not be in existence in the next 10 years, as value-based reimbursement systems emerge